Botswana is now a Member of the Forum of Incident Response Teams (FIRST)



We are pleased to announce that Botswana has been accepted as a full member member of the prestigious Forum of Incident Response Teams (FIRST) on 26 June 2023. This great milestone achievement is a testament to Botswana's commitment to strengthening its incident response capabilities and cybersecurity landscape.

As a member of FIRST, Botswana gains access to a global network of incident response teams and cybersecurity professionals. This membership opens doors to a multitude of benefits for our country and our Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs):

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: FIRST provides a platform for CSIRTs to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and share best practices with other international teams. This invaluable network allows Botswana to tap into the collective wisdom of global experts, fostering continuous learning and improvement in our incident response capabilities.

Timely Information Exchange: Through FIRST, Botswana's CSIRTs gain access to real-time threat intelligence and early warning systems. This enables us to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats, promptly respond to incidents, and protect our critical systems and national infrastructure.

Capacity Building and Training: FIRST offers a wide range of training programs, workshops, and conferences that empower CSIRTs to enhance their technical skills, incident response methodologies, and crisis management capabilities. Botswana's CSIRTs will benefit from these training opportunities, enabling them to be at the forefront of incident response practices.

International Collaboration during Major Incidents: In the event of major cyber incidents affecting Botswana, FIRST membership provides us with a platform to collaborate and seek assistance from trusted international partners. This collaborative approach ensures a coordinated response and facilitates the timely resolution of critical incidents.

Influence on Global Cybersecurity Policy: Being part of FIRST grants Botswana the opportunity to participate in international discussions and contribute to shaping global cybersecurity policies, standards, and frameworks. This allows us to influence the development of best practices and guidelines that are vital for enhancing cybersecurity at a national level.

We are proud to join the esteemed community of FIRST members, and we look forward to actively participating in its initiatives, events, and collaborative endeavors. This membership reinforces our commitment to ensuring a secure and resilient digital ecosystem for Botswana.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the FIRST community for accepting Botswana as a member and for their continued support in strengthening global cybersecurity.

For further information about FIRST and its activities, please visit their website at

Emmanuel THEKISO

Head of Botswana National CSIRT
28 June 2023