BwCsirt and Team Cymru Present Community Tools

BwCIRT is the Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) for Botswana and provides an official point of contact for dealing with computer security incidents in the Government Departments, and Internet Service Providers (telecommunications sector and Internet community), and other relevant entities to handle all types of information security incidents.

Team Cymru provides NO-COST threat intelligence and network defense tools to ISPs, hosting providers and CSIRTs across the globe. From network-level DDoS mitigation to near-real-time threat detection, Team Cymru works collaboratively with the networking and network security communities to make the Internet a safer place.

Watch this webinar on Team Cymru’s community services to learn how you can join thousands of the most critical networks on the planet to secure your piece of the Internet, while serving the networking community as a whole.

This session covered the following:

• DEMO: Near-real-time threat detection with Nimbus Threat Monitor

• DDoS mitigation with Unwanted Traffic Removal Service

• The CSIRT Assistance Program

• IP to ASN Mapping

• BOGON blocking

• Malware Hash Registry