Botswana CSIRT Takes the Lead in African Cybersecurity with Elite SIM3 Auditor Accreditation



Botswana CSIRT is pleased to announce that two of its staff members, Emmanuel Thekiso and Mafoko Lebogang, have been accredited by the Open CSIRT Foundation as some of the first elite cybersecurity professionals in Africa to be certified auditors in the Security Incident Management Maturity Model (SIM3). Their accreditation took place in Dublin, Ireland on July 20, 2022, immediately following the Annual FIRST conference held in the same location.

As part of the few TF-CSIRT accredited teams, these two SIM3 auditors have demonstrated extensive knowledge of policies, procedures, guidelines, and tools required to efficiently handle cybersecurity incidents. In addition, they possess maturity, transparency, and effective cooperation skills.

This accreditation is an important step for the team in enhancing cybersecurity maturity amongst constituents in Botswana and the region. The team has already started engaging with its constituents on SIM3 assessments.

Trusted Introducer is a non-profit task force under the reputable Open CSIRT Foundation, an independent foundation focused on advancing Internet security worldwide. Open CSIRT is committed to providing technically advanced and independent services, free from commercial influence.

Furthermore, TF-CSIRT is built on the SIM3 standard, which is the Security Incident Management Maturity Model. This model has been adopted by ITU, FIRST & ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, as a measurement for compliance with the NIS2 directive for incident handling. For more information on the CSIRT Maturity Framework, please refer to ENISA's website.

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