Cybersecurity Awareness Raising and Capacity Building

This activity entails the design of, and execution of programs and initiatives intended to spread knowledge on cybercrime and cybersecurity, inform, and educate our constituents, stakeholders, strategic partners, and the public in general. bwCIRT also helps build and empower a local community of coordinated experts who can offer skills, resources, and solutions towards curbing cybercrime through capacity building programs tailored to meet the current needs of the cyberspace in Botswana.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

This is a Proactive service which refers to continuous monitoring of security trends in the cyberspace and of the cyber thread land scape. bwCIRT's role is to gather and analyze information from this monitoring that will be used to identify potential cyber threats, recurring patterns, and advice on countermeasures.

Information Sharing

The bwCIRT is dedicated to proactively providing its constituents and stakeholders with comprehensive reports and general information on how to improve cyber resilience in curbing existing threats, zero-day vulnerabilities and those predicted intelligence sources. The CIRT also collaborates with external resources such as other national & sectorial CSIRTs, vendors, security experts, academia, and research groups.

Incident Management

The bwCIRT manages Incidents as one of its Reactive Services to minimize impact. This involves cordinating the activities of a cyber incident detection, triaging, analysis, response, and recovery. Once the incident is resolved, bwCIRT shall report on findings and lessons learnt.